What is RSS?




RSS is Real Simple Syndication

RSS is a simple way of publishing content (or a news feed) so that others can read it or add it to a web page. You may have seen this button ( RSS icon ) on a web page. It indicates that the information on that page is available via an RSS "feed." This feed is  syndicated, meaning that it can be published on another web site, or it may be read using an "RSS reader" program.

Although it may LOOK like a link to another web page, clicking the button will probably not display anything meaningful.  It is meant as a way of presenting the web address ("URL") of the file that contains the syndicated information. 

There is a free reader at http://www.rssreader.com/.  To view this site's  RSS feed, load the reader, and right-click on the RSS icon button on our home page. On the menu that appears, select "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut" and paste it into "address bar" or "URL bar" of the RSS reader. You can also just type in the address of our feed: "http://www.consultrsr.com/consultrsr.rss"

You can also add RSS feeds (like the one from this web site) the front page of "My Yahoo" or "my.MSN". Not to be outdone, Google Labs has an RSS reader that can be put on your custom Google home page.

Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox users will note the RSS icon icon that appears on the toolbar for some web pages. It indicates that an RSS feed is available for that site or page. Click on the icon to view the feed.

[Valid RSS]You may check the validity or correctness of any RSS feed using the free service at feedvalidator.org.  You can easily check the validity of this site's RSS feed by clicking the button to the right. 

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