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Short Courses and Workshops in Electrochemistry and Its Applications

These short courses and workshops are essentially non-commercial.  Although they may be sponsored by an instrument manufacturer, the focus is to teach electrochemistry principles and applications.

A calendar for Meetings and Conferences is also available.

2010 January-June

Bath Electrochemistry Winter School - Jan 11-15, 2010 Bath, UK. Bath University.

Several one-day Short Courses will be offered in conjunction with the ECS meeting - April 25, 2010, Vancouver, Canada.


Advanced Impedance Spectroscopy


Biofuels for Electrochemical Systems


Organic and Molecular Electronics


Scientific Writing for Scientists and Engineers

Short Course on Corrosion: Fundamentals and Experimental Methods - June 6-11, 2010, State College, PA. Pennsylvania State University. 14th Annual Short Course!


2010 July-December

Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Engineering and Electrochemical Technology - July 5–9, 2010, Southampton, UK.

Impedance Spectroscopy School 2010 - July 15-16, 2010, Castelló, Spain. Emphasis on solar cells.

Theory and Practice of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - July 20-23, 2010, Bath, UK. Bath University.

Workshop on Electrochemical Measurements Theory and Hands-on Experiments - Aug 9-13, 2010, Case Western Reserve University, Clevland, OH. NEW 

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Theory, Applications, and Laboratory Instruction - November 7-12, 2010, Houston, TX.  NEW 





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