Reference Electrode Topics


We nearly always overlook the poor Reference Electrode. Yet nothing can influence our data more!

Reference Electrode Potentials. Potentials of some common reference electrodes.
    A calculator for converting between reference electrodes.

Which Reference Electrode should I use?

Calomel Electrode Potential Temperature Dependence: A Calculator!

The Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode. Simple to make, and robust!

The Hydrogen Electrode - SHE.  The standard for potentials. 

"Do I add or subtract?" How to convert from "vs. Ag/AgCl" to "vs. SCE."
    A lazy man's calculator to figure it out for you!

High Temperature Reference Electrodes. A few non-traditional ones.

Ives & Janz is THE book on reference electrodes! Another good textbook is "Electrochemistry for Chemists" It has a fairly reasonable section on reference electrodes and it is available at The Bookstore.

 Need a Reference Electrode? The common ones are generally available from most potentiostat manufacturers with connectors that mate to their potentiostats. Koslow Scientific can supply specialty reference electrodes as well.

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