Potentiostats - Their Care and Feeding





Here are some links, on this website or on the WWW concerning the applications of potentiostats and some cures for their limitations.

Information on this web site

Elsewhere on Internet

Potentiostat stability and oscillation problems. Some are answered here!

How Fast can my potentiostat scan? 

How to speak "Potentiostat": Compliance voltage 

A discussion of Potentiostat Architectures starts here


Useful Links Elsewhere on the WWW:

There is a reasonable explanation of potentiostats on the UMIST site. 

Gamry has a few App. Notes on their site concerning potentiostats. Look for their "Potentiostat Primer", "Reference Electrode Effects ..." and "Understanding iR Compensation."

Some notes and hints from Bank, manufacturers of the "Wenking" potentiostat. In particular, the pstat as a hi-fi amplifier (!) and using two pstats to control the potential across a membrane. ( Note:  The solution shown on the Bank site may not work for other manufacturer's potentiostats! Their scheme requires a "floating" potentiostat.)

Bank also has a nice 50 page tutorial on potentiostat design at




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