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      Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)
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Electrochemical Impedance (EIS) Topics

Fitting EIS Data to Equivalent Circuits
     What is X2 ?

Capacitance and Coating Properties - On-line calculator.

The Constant Phase Element (CPE) 
     What is a CPE. Equations
     What Causes a CPE? Explanations  UPDATED 
      The ZARC circuit element
     Calculating Capacitance from a CPE 
          Comments from V Jovic
          A Calculator: C from Q, n, omegamax  
          A Calculator: C from Q, n, RPARALLEL

     Identifying a Warburg Impedance
     Calculating D from a Warburg Impedance
     Constrained Diffusion - The O Element
     Constrained Diffusion - The T Element
     Other Circuit Elements - The Gerischer Element (G)

Porous Electrodes  NEW 
     The de Levie Model

    High Frequency Inductance
          Calculate Wire and Electrode Inductance
    Low Frequency Inductance

Complex Numbers
    Basics  NEW 
    Computing Impedance Values

Impedance Textbooks





Potentiostat Care and Feeding

Potentiostat Architecture
     The Classical Potentiostat
     Passive I/E and Differential Electrometers

Specifications - How to speak Potentiostat"
     Compliance Voltage  NEW 


How Fast Can I Scan?
     What's the fastest CV I can believe?
     Slew rate and Bandwidth


Reference Electrodes Topics

Selecting a Reference Electrode

Reference Electrode Potentials
     Calomel Electrode Potentials (on-line calculator)
          Equations used by the Calculator
     Hg/HgO Potential
     Hydrogen Electrode - SHE, NHE, RHE  
     Converting Potentials -- Add or Subtract?
          A Calculator to Convert Potentials
     Ag/Ag2SO4 Reference Electrode - chloride and mercury free.

The Ag/AgCl Electrode

Links to Corning and  Vycor. Vycor sources

High Temperature Reference Electrodes

A Reference book for Reference Electrodes!



Luggin Probes
Purifying Mercury
QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance)
Simulation of Cyclic Voltammetry
Conference Calendar
List of Electrochemistry Shortcourses








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