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June 2009

Resource: Silver-silver sulfate reference electrode added.

Apr 2009

Commentary: Cold Fusion after 20 years.

Jan 2009

Website: Formatting enhancements.

Whimsey: Music for Electrochemists.

Sept 2008

Resource: Short Course Calendar added

June 2008

Resource: Luggin Capillary/Probe

Apr 2008

Resource: A Refresher on Complex Numbers.

Resource: A reference electrode frit suitable for use in base.


Resource: Another way to calculate C from a CPE model

Resource: 2007 Meeting Calendar updated.

Resource: Ag/AgCl (3M KCl).

Resource: A Calculator for C from CPE parameters.


Resource: What causes a CPE has been updated.

Resource: Reference Potentials Table updated.

Resource: Inductance calculator updated

Resource: EIS links updated.


RSS News feed syndicated.

Resource: Meeting Calendar. Conferences of interest to electrochemists

Resource: EIS of Porous Electrodes. The de Levie impedance.

Resource: The ZARC circuit element

Resource: Compliance Voltage Potentiostat Specs, How to speak "Potentiostat."

Resource: A Calculator for reporting potentials vs. a different reference electrode.

Resource: Inductance of a straight wire or rod. A Calculator.


Resource: Calculating C from a CPE

Resource: The Gerischer Circuit Element

Resource: Potentiostats - Passive I/E and Differential Electrometers.

Resource: Potentiostats - The Classical Potentiostat.

Resource: The Hydrogen Electrode - SHE


Resource: Computing Impedances - Tips.

Resource: T element page updated.

Resource: High Temperature Reference Electrodes.

Resource: Constrained Diffusion - the T element

Resource: Selecting a reference electrode


We have changed our Web Host to Aplus.netTM

Resource: Scanning Fast - Estimating the limits of a potentiostat

Resource: Inductance at Low Frequencies: Adsorption or an Artifact?

Resource: Inductance in EIS measurements.

Resource: Potentiostats - Their Care and Feeding. An index page focusing on potentiostats and their uses.







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