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Here are some references and textbooks that target electrode potentials and reference electrodes in particular.  My copy of Ives & Janz is getting dog-eared!

"Reference Electrodes. Theory and Practice." by Ives & Janz
You'll find that this is the book that is referenced by most of the textbooks! It is the source of much of the reference electrode information on this web site. Alas, this book is officially listed as "out of print" but it was reprinted by NACE International and is available through them. You can also check with or to see if it is available used.

"Reference Electrodes" is available from NACE


"Electrode Potentials" by Compton & Sanders
This booklet is #41 in the Oxford Chemistry Primer series. It puts together all of the necessary basics for the theory of electrode potentials.  It also touches on the topics of liquid junction potentials and activity corrections and gives some background theory. Although it lacks practical tips on reference electrodes, it does give a good background for the theory, and it is inexpensive. Other booklets in this series are also available.

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